Market Musings

December 2018

Natural disasters, chaotic weather, tumultuous politics, tragic national events along with a suddenly volatile stock market have been the markers of 2018. In our year-end musings of 2017 we discussed the potential for some of these events and the steps we were taking in our strategies to help mitigate them. Experiencing a string of 70 new stock market highs (Dow Jones Industrial Average) in 2017, followed by the frequently unnerving turbulence of 2018 leads us to continue to stress the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to investing.

We entered this year with a bit more cautious approach and for the first six months it seemed to be unwarranted. However we continued to take measures intended to reduce risk during that time and feel that we are weathering this volatility well. We aren’t viewing this market as doom and gloom, we feel this is a normal correction and that there are still many bright spots in our economy including low unemployment, lower corporate taxes and healthy GDP growth.

As year-end approaches we remain vigilant in managing your assets, monitoring the financial markets, researching new opportunities and looking for opportunities to harvest tax losses to minimize taxable gains where applicable.

With so much negative news on TV and social media we think it’s important to remember that there are good things happening in the world. Visit for heartwarming and inspirational stories that can keep us focused on positivity! With that we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!


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